New Technology to Accommodate Today’s High-Science Study Requirements

Posted by Kristy Galkowski on Aug 25, 2020 9:23:39 AM

Eurofins Bioanalytical Services expands its technology footprint with the 25 fluorescent channel Novocyte QuanteonTM Flow Cytometer.

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Eurofins Bioanalytical Services, a member of Eurofins BioPharma Services, Laboratory Testing division, expands its technology footprint with the addition of Novocyte Quanteon™ as a complement to the existing suite of Flow Cytometry platforms available. With industry-leading biomarker solutions, complemented with traditional ligand-binding assays and study management services, clients can accelerate research outcomes from early proof-of-concept studies and throughout the development life cycle. With a focus on intracellular protein detection and proliferation as well as cell signaling, cell cycle analysis, and immunophenotyping, we can customize and design your assay from single analyte analysis through to more complex multi-dimensional assays.

The 25 fluorescent channel flow cytometer provides customers with an expanded set of services that accommodate today’s high-science study requirements, and increasingly sophisticated, multi-dimensional assays often needed as part of cell and gene therapies. This technology is highly advantageous for use in decision-making throughout the drug development life cycle, from early preclinical through to late phase clinical studies. Eurofins Bioanalytical Services custom designs solutions in a regulated or non-regulated environment based upon Context of Use to match your drug development program.

NovoCyte Quanteon Flow Cytometer

Eurofins commitment is to stay at the forefront of technology by offering the optimal choice in a fit-for-purpose approach Scientists now have the flexibility to choose from 25 fluorescent channels from a combination of four lasers (405, 488, 561, and 637nm) and superior sensitivity and resolutions. The NovoSampler Q™, which can be integrated into different laboratory automation platforms, efficiently processes both FACS tubes (using a 40-tube rack) and 24-, 48-, 96-, and 384-well plates. The intuitive and industry-leading NovoExpress® software has been further advanced into an intuitive and powerful software package, providing an exceptional user experience in data acquisition, analysis and reporting leading to faster turnaround time for your data.

Eurofins Bioanalytical Services is a leader in bioanalytical solutions for biologics providing nearly 20 years of industry-leading scientific expertise. As a division of the Eurofins Scientific Group and in combination with our Central Laboratory Services, our sole focus is in pre-clinical and clinical laboratory analysis. With global coverage and laboratories in USA, Singapore, China, and Europe, Eurofins Central Laboratories offers harmonization in Flow Cytometry platforms and capabilities for multi-sites study requirements.

With state-of-the-art, testing facilities in St. Charles, MO, USA, Eurofins Bioanalytical Services develops transfers and validates large molecule PK/TK, immunogenicity and biomarker assays to our client’s specifications. With industry-leading capacity, capabilities range from a single plate to large multinational Phase III clinical trials in a broad range of therapeutic indications, including vaccines, most recently COVID-19. Eurofins has the capacity to handle variable sample numbers and large volumes to meet the needs of clients.



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