Flow Cytometry Interview with Expert David Lanham

Posted by Kristy Galkowski on May 10, 2019 2:17:07 PM
Expert Interview

In this Bioanalysis Zone interview, David Lanham of Eurofins BioPharma Services discusses flow cytometry for pharmacodynamic biomarker analysis and receptor engagement in early clinical stage work. David also explains the challenges faced when using flow cytometry as an analytical tool, before sharing his thoughts on the progress that has been made to regulate and standardize the field.

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About David Lanham

David is the Scientific Director of Eurofins Bioanalytical Services, a division of Eurofins BioPharma Services. There he provides scientific consultation for clients during the business development process and serves as the scientific and technical advisor for clients and internal teams during development, validation and application of assays. He is responsible for the overall scientific integrity of client studies, providing guidance to ensure their work meets client requirements and regulatory compliance. 

David has also involved in defining strategic and tactical approaches to bring new services and product lines to the business and develop scientific programs to drive new and existing client projects. Lastly, he acts as a technical and scientific lead on new technologies, strategic opportunities and business development in the field of flow cytometry and biomarker analysis.


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